Custom Design Wallet Case

Hello, we do custom designed Wallet Case. Just please add the item to your cart and purchase it. Be sure the image size is at least 500kb to be printed with max quality.

  • STEP 1: Purchase any amount of custom designs.
  • STEP 2: Email us the picture to after the purchase.
  • STEP 3: We will send you back the picture of the wallet case to make sure it is suitable. If so, we will make it on leather-like material, and ship it out within 7 days.

Please send us an image size of at least 500KB or more. We will show you what the wallet case will look like before printing, so after you order we will work with you to make sure you get the wallet case you want.

We do require you place your order before we work with you to show you our designs. ALL THE IMAGES ABOVE ARE JUST FOR REFERENCE TO OUR AMAZING QUALITY.

IF you order 4 wallet cases in custom design you will get a free wallet case, and over 8 wallet cases you will get 3 free wallet cases.

Material: Leather-like material